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Meet the Team

Asha Vadi

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trishul- Copy

Trishul Vadi is a *Doctor of Chiropractic and also an Osteopath. He holds two degrees which make him one of two practitioners in the UK registered to practice both Osteopathy & Chiropractic. Trishul Vadi is also a teacher to undergraduate students. As well as spending time with the family, in his spare time he enjoys portrait & travel photography, and performance dancing.   *Please note, the title "Dr"/"Doctor" is a courtesy title, and Trishul Vadi does not hold a medical degree.

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komal - Copy

Dr Vadi* specialises in injectables. Her honest and friendly approach makes it easy for you to discuss your questions with her, and all consultations and reviews are complimentary. She strives to provide an outstanding patient experience which starts with easy to understand information supported by price transparency. But we go further by making popular treatments more affordable through discounts on event days throughout the year, and rewards for referrals.   *Please note, the title "Dr" is a courtesy title. Komal Vadi is a Dentist and does not hold a medical degree.

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